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Helping you manage your health & wellbeing

Useful information to help you manage your health and wellbeing while you wait for your treatment or procedure

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that some operations and procedures were postponed or delayed.  While we are working hard to reduce the backlog, unfortunately patients are currently facing longer wait times.

If you, or someone you care for, is waiting for treatment or a procedure, we recognise that this is difficult, NHS staff are working hard to get everyone seen as quickly as possible. We are currently prioritising people with the highest clinical need, and who have been waiting the longest.

We understand the wait might be stressful, especially if your condition is causing you pain, or stopping you from carrying out day-to-day activities and that you may have concerns. That is why we have created this website with lots of useful information to help you manage your health and wellbeing while you wait for your treatment or procedure.

The website aims to:

Answer any questions you might have about your treatment
Give guidance on current waiting times at your local hospital Trust
Offer advice for staying well mentally and physically while you wait for your appointment
Help you prepare for the procedure itself
Direct you to local resources that you can use for extra support
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To reduce waiting times, the NHS needs to transform services by developing the most efficient and best value for money services. We want to ensure that long waiting lists are greatly reduced and make sure the future needs for Londoners are met.

The NHS in London has developed two videos to explain how the NHS is working hard to reduce waiting lists.

The first video features GPs from NEL and across London explaining how the NHS is making changes while providing the best possible care. In the second video the GPs give their experience of receiving specialist advice for their patients, and a hospital specialist explains how they work with GPs to provide that advice to patients.

Watch the full-length reducing waiting lists video on YouTube

Watch the full-length specialist advice video on YouTube

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